Supreme Queen Global Earth Africa’s application season for the 2024 competition cycle is currently underway and if you happen to come across this article in the middle of finding your purpose or your place in the word then we strongly suggest that you read more.

There are a number of ways in which women join or create communities for themselves to find their “people”. This can be traced back to making friends at school, church, work or just about anywhere women find themselves in spaces that enable them to share like mindedness in the many areas of life.

Pageantry has become one of the epitome sanctuaries for women around the world. While some may jump to the conclusion of women purely entering with the sole purpose of winning the crown there is so much more to the journey that they embark on.

The above general perception is not entirely wrong however what has not been spoken about enough beyond the prizes and crown, is that women find themselves amongst strangers who share similar life stories, whether through their passion, beliefs, career paths, home life,.etc.

SQGEA is a space and platform where you enter with a specific intention and end up walking out with so much more. Being able to be part of a platform that prides itself on ensuing to nurture, aid growth and development in women is one of the many reasons that we started this journey. The sisterhood we have witnessed in pageantry is one of the many wonders that blossoms on this platform.

If you are in doubt about your place in society or unsure about what space you belong to, we would recommend that you give the pageantry journey a consideration. For you to take steps towards your dreams and aspirations, you either use an existing formula or you forge your own way to make it through. Whichever path you choose to take, the general rule of life is that you are not an island, you will always require a helping hand along the way so why not allow for us to be that helping hand that assists you.

The journey of pageantry is similar to any educational system that provides you with the tools and guidelines that aid your ideas. You might think you have to know it all when you do decide to take that next step but with pageantry, the opportunity to find yourself and explore different areas that align with who you discover within yourself through your journey is all that is required.

This is a space where you either get the crown and/or multiple opportunities. It’s a win win for all involved.

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What makes Supreme Queen Global Earth Africa different from the rest?

1. Empowerment Through Representation
Supreme Queen serve as a powerful platform for women to showcase their talents, intelligence, uniqueness and beauty. By participating, women contribute to breaking stereotypes and promoting a more inclusive and diverse representation across the board.
2. Global Sisterhood:
Supreme Queenbrings together women from various backgrounds, fostering a global sisterhood that transcends borders. Participants have the opportunity to form connections, share experiences, and build a network of support that extends far beyond the pageant itself.One of the most delightful feedback we have gotten from women participating in our pageant is how they were afforded a seat at the table coming from various countries in Africa, from Zimbabwe to Zambia!
3. Advocacy:

Beyond the T-shaped runway and the KPIs, the pageant encourages contestants to advocate for causes close to their hearts. This could range from promoting education and healthcare to addressing social injustices. Through their advocacy, participants become ambassadors for positive change.

4. Confidence Building:
One of Supreme Queen’s focus is never compromising on aiding women with tools to ensure that they come out of their journeys more improved than when they joined. The pageant provides a unique opportunity for women to overcome challenges, boost self-esteem, and develop the confidence to pursue their goals, both within and outside the world of pageantry.

5. Cultural Celebration:
With a special emphasis on Africa, Supreme Queen pageant is a celebration of the rich and diverse cultures across the continent. It offers a platform for women to proudly showcase their heritage, breaking down cultural barriers and fostering a greater understanding of the beauty within diversity. We have taken the celebration and showing our continents cultures to the world through international stages.

6. Education and Development Opportunities:
Like we said, you do not have to have it all figured out. The pageant opens doors to various educational opportunities, empowering women through mentorship, coaching and partnerships/networking as well as

ambassadorship opportunities. This focus on development highlights the commitment to supporting women in their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth as special for women entrepreneurs.

Supreme Queen stands as a beacon of empowerment, inspiring women to embrace their strength, celebrate their uniqueness, and advocate for positive change. As the application season unfolds, it’s a call to women nationwide, to seize the opportunity, break boundaries, and be part of a global movement that champions the spirit of the Supreme Queen within you.